Picking the perfect office chair.

Necessary for use, office chairs are always mentioned when it comes to interior design. Don’t let the name fool you, these chairs are also used at home; though the purpose remains the same. And with many people opting for work from home jobs (which don’t necessarily mean working from your bed in your pajamas), it is important to choose the perfect office chair that suits your needs.

This is because you will be glued to these chairs for a considerable amount of time. And by ‘a considerable amount of time’, I mean hours. HOURS. Which is a pretty long time and your body slowly gets used to that, adapting to the shape and feel of the chair. Therefore it is important to keep your health in mind along with your personal preferences while looking for a chair.

First and foremost comes posture. The chair should be built such that it supports your back properly and helps you maintain a proper, if not perfect, posture. This can be achieved by not having a straight backrest on the chair, as this doesn’t allow the back to rest, though it does help in maintaining an erect posture. One can always opt for a chair whose backrest is slightly curved towards the seat, preferably concave (as in, hollow) so that it allows a bit of a gap for relaxing the back. The backrest should ideally be broad enough to cover the back and shoulders (and can also have a small support attached above it for the neck to rest).


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The height also plays an important role in deciding what office chair to pick. Nowadays, chairs come with adjustable seats, that allow the customer to adjust her/his chair’s height as per their requirement. This can be very convenient for users who have trouble with tables not matching their heights and can avoid problems like sitting awkwardly or straining themselves to reach the table.



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Next come the material of the seats and back cushion (that is if one is not opting for a bare backrest). The material of the seat should be firm as it supports your body weight for a very long time. Though at the same time, it should not be very hard as it can cause immense discomfort. The back cushion, on the other hand, can be soft (that is, one can use material like memory foam) since it supports the back and can be good at providing relief from sitting for many hours.

Having armrests can again, be left up to the user to decide. Though most office chairs these days, come with armrests. The armrests are usually made of sturdy material to support the arms. The armrests can either be horizontal and long enough to support the arms or can curve towards the seat after the required length to support the arms is met.

It is also up to the user to decide if the chair has to have wheels or not. It is normally seen that stationary chairs are seen in smaller areas and cubicles and areas that are crowded. Wheeled chairs can be seen in private offices of personnel since those also allow them to move a bit around freely.

These above factors can also be taken into consideration while choosing for an office chair for home use as well.

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