Looking for the perfect Restaurant Interior Designer

There is a certain ambience one feels whenever she/he visits a restaurant. Neither too professional nor too private, just the right balance.  Granted, one only goes to a restaurant for a few hours, to have a good meal, but she/he also takes into account the overall feel of the place – right from the furniture to the cutlery, the fabric used to the lights. Restaurants even get reviewed for this.

Now, it is not possible for the restaurateurs to look after these things. Maybe because she/he may not have a clear idea of what they exactly want. Or maybe not enough time. Or maybe, not enough budget to bring their ideas to fruition. Now this, is where comes in an interior designer; an interior designer who specializes in designing restaurants.


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Now, an interior designer is a person who takes care of designing the interiors of spaces (whether they be homes, offices or in this case, restaurants). An interior designer has enough knowledge to choose and implement themes, turn themes into projects and turn use these ideas to turn your spaces in a work of art.

For a restaurant, an interior designer would obviously, have a different way of working. Starting with the theme. Most restaurants base their interiors o the cuisine they serve. For example, a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine would tend to go for an Oriental theme in its décor. Or an Indian eatery would do the same with their décor as well. The designer has to pay attention to such details and thereby plan the due course of action and place orders for requirements.


Source: recortdesign

Things that also come in to the picture while deciding the look for a restaurant are timings, locality, type of crowd, etc. Now, a café would have a brighter, warmer ambience due to them being usually out on the street, catering to mostly young people till evenings. On the other hand, places where normally people go out for dinner are elegant and sophisticated in appearance.

Next comes budget. As stressed earlier, maybe the restaurateurs has a lot of ideas, especially a particular one he wants to implement, but lacks the budget. An interior designer can solve this problem by looking for the requirements of the theme that are available for a much cheaper price, or by suggesting similar themes that require a smaller budget; thus solving the problem. The budget includes furniture, fabrics (such as upholstery, drapes, etc), lighting, paints (or wallpapers, if those are in consideration), etc. Again, all these things are in co-ordination with the theme and may face budget constraints.

Hiring an interior designer to design your restaurant may be a good choice for restaurateurs who may be busy due to other commitments or may not know much about the interior design part of opening a restaurant. This has now become a trend with various restaurateurs opting for designers to do the job instead of doing it themselves.

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