Choosing the Perfect Restaurant Theme.

Mumbai is a bustling city with many eateries. MANY. Each of them being different from the other; some are big while some are small, some are roadside whereas some are in malls. And as any other restaurateur, you would want your eatery to stand out amongst the many eateries in this City of Foodies.

This can be achieved by your quality of food, of course. The better the food, the more the chances of your restaurant becoming the talk of the town. But again, that is not enough. People don’t just go to a restaurant to eat, they also go to a restaurant to experience something different. For example, Chinese food can be found even at a roadside shack as well as a five star restaurant, but what makes it different (apart from the style of cooking) is the ambience. The ambience is instrumental in making people feel something whenever they go somewhere to eat; and it also brings people back.

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Interiors play an important role in a restaurant’s establishment. It is important to have the perfect interiors to give people the right experience they would want, along with their food. People would not visit a place much even though the food may be excellent; which may be because of improper interiors (they may prefer to order in at home, but then again, what’s the point of having the wholesome dining experience with home delivery?). Some restaurants are known more for their interior rather than their food.


It is human tendency to choose the prettier object. Just as properly garnished food is chosen over food that lacks garnishing, with the assumption of the former looking appetizing, same goes for restauarants. A restaurant that looks good is chosen over the restaurant that doesn’t. Then again, people have various preferences, some may opt for the glitzy ones while some may opt for the simple ones. It is therefore, imperative to strike the right balance, in order to attract more clients.


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Things to be taken into consideration while choosing the perfect theme for your restaurant are the cuisine, the location and last but not the least, the type of crowd you want to attract.

The most important factor to base your theme is the cuisine. If you are a restaurant serving Asian food, the theme must incorporate Oriental elements. If you are a restaurant serving Mexican food, elements from Mexican culture should be incorporated in your theme. This can be done by the influence of your theme on the furniture, decorations, fabric used, etc. Though overdoing I would seem really tacky, hence just a subtle hint would be more than enough. This can also be brought by using more of the colours and rather than the actual elements, in your theme.

The location matters while choosing the theme, since you may face space or security constraints. Type of crowd is also a major factor to consider, since this is essentially creating a client base by making your restaurant look good enough to attract them.

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